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MONTAÑITA: The Coast of Ecuador

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Our food inspirations right from the centre of this tropical town located in Santa Elena

Coastal town of Montañita; local market stands selling fruits and juices

Montañita is a beautiful place, one where you can relax to enjoy the beach and your surroundings on a daily basis - the vibe definitely is chilled and easy going. The town is known for it's beaches, strong surf culture and bohemian vibe - and it is this culture, vibe and energy that is embedded within its tropical location that we strive for in every occasion we cater for. With a great mix of locals and tourists this place really has become a party place for all to enjoy - so we hope to bring the same to every event.

Why Montañita?

Food culture is something that is very important to us. We believe food and culture cannot live without each other, when a dish is prepared not only are you sharing the history and life of the location which you are situated within; but you are providing guests with a memory and sensation that they most likely won't forget. Each dish we produce is inspired by this concept - that anything you eat needs to be sourced from some sort of passion or historical context.

South American street food inspired by the small coastal towns in Ecuador

Live. Laugh. Love.

Three things that our food brings to the table

Typical Street Food turned Canapé Style

Each blog created will provide background information on the history and context of each dish we love and celebrate. We will be proving the tips and tricks in creating each dish beautifully; and explaining how we can transform traditional street dishes into elegant and simple dishes for any event.

Llapingachos - a typical Ecuadorian street dish which is very popular with all the locals

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