Montanita Creations



We believe in creating memorable experiences that bring people together! And the best way is with amazing food! We combine fresh, seasonal products that will entice your guests. 

What We Offer:

-Corporate Event Catering

-Wedding, Birthday, and many other Celebrations

-Activation Branding   

We can cater to any type of gathering! So just send through a message and we would love to chat about your upcoming event!

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Margaritas + Sliders

We know what kind of food people love to eat while drinking, and who could resisit our South American inspired finger food matched with our tropical Margarita flavours. 


We specialise in innovation and flavour, and our team can make anything happen. When organising an event seems to stressful, that's when we come in! We ensure the best catering package is selected to suit your needs. Organising an event can be incredibly stressful, and our job is to lessen your burden by ensuring that the food, the vibes, the drinks all run smoothly. 

Our tropical vibes and creative vision will ensure an unforgettable night for all those who attend. We'd love to work with you so give us a buzz and we'll be in contact shortly. 



dulcito creations

We offer a very special, signature dessert selection that will complement any party gathering. Individual cotton candy desserts created from our pop-up service cart. Our flavours are created from natural ingrediants with innovative mixes that will entice both young and old. 

If there is a certain vision you have in mind, and would love to bring it to life. Our team will work with you to create a menu that is truly unique and delicious. We can't wait to make some special memories for you and your guests to enjoy!


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